A Short Walk Through a Wide World

Finished reading: A Short Walk Through a Wide World by Douglas Westerbeke 📚 Amazon recommended it to me, and I had to read it because I went to high school with Doug. I don’t remember ever speaking to him (I was kind of feral back then), but we were in a creative writing class together and reading his book led to some intense episodes of nostalgia. And his descriptions of the physical pain that drove the main character throughout her life occasionally evoked some colorful sensations in my feet.

Fortunately, everything that was challenging for me about this book was balanced by the fact that I read it immediately after finishing Masters of the Nefarious. The visual style and the absurdity of Pierre LaPolice’s work followed me through Doug’s wide world, and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Bravo, Doug! I hope you keep writing!

Larissa King @larissaking